About Us


Our Staff

The staff at DFWflycasting are passionate about fishing and casting. We are committed to making sure that your experience is the best it possibly can be. The hours and hours we spend on the water or on the casting field give us the ability to make sure you are ready for whatever the day brings.

As outfitters we will tailor your trip to your needs; from a multi-day luxury float on some of the best water you can find all the way to a quick hour of casting to get started on the journey fly fishing is for everyone. The size of the trip is not important, the experience we provide you is.

Eric B Jackson:

Eric has been fishing his whole life. From the time a 9 pound catfish nearly pulled a 3 year old Eric in the water to wading the flats of the Texas coast for redfish all the experiences have been amazing. After a hiatus from trout fishing Eric had the chance to go back to Colorado and reconnect with fly fishing. He began casting with a friend's help in preparation and has been totally addicted ever since.

From the beginnings of chasing trout again all the way to receiving his International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor's card each moment has been a priceless series of experiences he won't ever forget. Along with being a CCI Eric felt he wanted to share fishing with others and began guiding as well. The time spent on the water with others and helping them catch fish and gain knowledge is one of the best feelings in his world.

Ashlea Jackson:

Ashlea was brought up by a family filled with fishers. She has spent countless hours on boats, docks and in the water searching for everything from bream to trophy trout. She has learned to fly fish with her father and continues to expand her knowledge of fishing every day.

Ashlea has become the brains behind the information you see here. She has amassed a great skill set with the magic of interwebs and how to put an awesome site like this together.