Casting Lessons

In the developmental stages of many fly fishers, casting problems develop that require individualized assessment and instruction that is tailored to your specific problem. During observation of your casting weI will analyze your cast and break it down into line, rod and body motions. As a result, you will learn the source of the problem and how to correct it.

Guided practice will ensure that you can "take the fix home with you" so to speak and that you will not forget it.Or, you may want to just focus on learning a new skill or technique, through individualized instruction. For example, you may want to learn about hauling, improving loop control, casting for distance, casting for accuracy, slack line casts, or some other technique or cast. This instruction is custom tailored to help you be successful in meeting your goals. You may want to just learn to cast "the right way"...that is in a way that does not develop bad habits that will need to be corrected later on.

RATES: Please contact for current rates.